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smart Mobile apk soft controlled Socket by 2G and 3G SMS

smart Mobile apk soft controlled Socket by 2G and 3G SMS

smart Mobile apk soft controlled Socket by 2G and 3G SMS



Faraway Remote and wifi controlling is the tendency of Smart Home development. Our company can not only provide you with long-distance products, but also can exploit and design functions of remote products, audio products and smart appliances, provide you with a comprehensive and convenient service. Welcome to call us.Our product can be suit for all 110V/220V low consumption industrial or home circuit, such as stack devices of an unmanned computer room, network backbone devices, routers, hubs, PABX, gateway and so on. It can also suit for factory devices which need to be powered on/off at fixed time, such as central air conditioner, discharge bump etc.. Lightening circuit of municipal facilities; it can also be suit for heaters, fridges, water fountains, electric-motored curtains, microwave ovens, electric cookers, electric locks and so on. And it can be used for long-distance fault searching and removing of industrial stacks.7. We set all-purpose socket module as the default configuration, so that plugs all over the world can suit for the socket; a certain kind of socket module is available according to the demand of client.6. The working state can be displayed by 3 LED instruction lights;5. Present working state of both circuits can be inquiried by text messages;4. Can be controlled by mobile phones and change status; if Socket A is off, Socket B is on. 3. Password protection(consists of 4 numbers), which can be modified;2. Suit for voltage of 110V/220V. cut off automatically when overload;1. 2 Sockets, whose circuit can be controlled by text messages;

The defaulted socket module is universal receptacle (fits for above 20 countries), option is USA/UK receptacle etc., others can be custom-built

Simple installation method,on desktop or in the floor;

Shipment information

20pcs units in a shipping carton

Carton Dimensions(WxDxH): 53x36x45.5cm

Gross weight: 21 Kg

Net weight:  20.8 Kg


1 piece unit in a standard inner box

Box Dimensions(WxDxH): 25.8x21.6x6.7cm

Gross weight: 1.04 Kg

Net weight:  1.00 Kg