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Encore performance of new Musical Fountain LED lighting system tonight

The Musical Fountain will be running an encore performance of the new LED lighting system tonight as the regular show, according to Brad Boyink.

Becky Vargo
Grand Haven
May 27, 2013
(Tribune photo/Becky Vargo) New LED lights brighten up the Musical Fountain during a rededication event Sunday night.


"Last night was a huge success, but since the dedication ran long many did not get to see the new lighting," he said.
The new system was dedicated Sunday night with a ceremony followed by an older version of the fountain show and the new version. The event concluded with a fireworks display.
The LED lighting will become fully operational within the next few days. Part of it has to be taken down to allow for the new paving around the basin of the Fountain that was unable to be completed before the start of the season because of weather.
Although all existing programs are compatible, several existing songs are being modified to handle the new lighting to take advantage of the new colors and effects, Boyink said.
Facts about the LED lights

Legacy lighting uses 446 lights and 116,200 watts of power

The new LED lighting uses 32 fixtures and 2,400 watts of power

LED lighting uses 98% less power and is twice as bright

LED lights can change color at 1/1000 of a second verses 1/2 second for legacy lights

LED lights can produce 16 million colors verses 6 with legacy lights