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GSM to RJ11 adapter

GSM to RJ11 adapter

GSM to RJ11 adapter


YX-902 adapater is designed for those applications which the public telephony network is difficult to reach. It can convert the GSM sinals to DTMF/FSK signals. The output interface is a standard RJ11 port.

Functions description

1. Comply with 900/1800 850/1900MHz GSM network;
2. Just connecte this unit to a touch-tone telephone (without the connection to a wall phone outlet)
, the telephone will be normally used;
3. can receive all phone calls from different telephony networks;
4. Automatically identify the calling in signal and feedback;
5. Built-in dialer, can be programmed to choose the certain routing path;
6. Caller ID display function included;
7. Fully signal tone functions

Feedback Voltage: 48V DC, 25mA minimum
Ringing Voltage: 90V 25Hz
dialing tone frequency: 450Hz
Power supply: 110/ 220VAC, 50/60Hz