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YX-120W controlling host is the core device of wireless intelligent household system.It is consists of network communication module,moving communication module,RF communication module,alarm management module ,MCU software and hardware.All of these have many patents.It is modular structure design,high integration level,advanced technology,powerful function,small in size and easy to install.It is specially suitable for the house that have been decorated and could not wiring.This system can be installed within hours.
1.the function of video monitoring
Real-time monitoring---real-time display one circuit camera video frames through by the intelligent extension.
Remote monitoring---realizing remote real-time monitoring in computer through by internet.
Moving monitoring---realizing remote real-time monitoring in moving through by cellphone.
Images storage---storing the video into SD card.
Video playback---checking the historical materials of monitoring.
2.the function of intelligent alarm
Wireless protected area alarm---dealing with the alarm information of wireless alarm sensor.
Composite logic alarm---a few of cameras are responsible for one protected area and reduce the wrong alarm.
Message alarm---sending the message to master when alarm.
Multimedia message alarm---sending the pictures,place and nature to master.
Intelligent alarm---turning on the lamps,the camera snapping photograph,alarm bell ringing, sending the message and call up.
3.the function of electric appliance controlling
Lighting control---control the turn on/off
Curtain control---control the turn on/off
Air condition control---control the turn on/off and temperature
Electric appliance control---control the TV,water heater,power window,water cooler,exhauster fan,underfloor heating and so on.
4.the function of timed control
Timing the electric appliance----timing turn off/on the lamp,curtain and so on,have three time period per day.
Timing the protected area----the system can timing it in three periods per day.
Timing the scene---the system can timing it in three periods per day.
5.the function of scene
Combining the lamp ,curtain, air condition  with other household appliance devices at will.It will form a scene model and button start.
6.the function of remote
Customer can control the electric appliance and monitor in different place through by user terminal software.
7.The new generation wireless YX-120W host not only has made a great change in appearance,but also added a background music function.The function mode of the host became more powerful ,and it can bring more pleasure to your life.
8.the function of remote controller panel
The new generation add this function on the basis of before products.It extend the range of controlling function of I-TONE intelligent household system host in electric appliance.It is meeting the habits of users and increase the operating pleasure.