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GSM faraway remote Elderly Guarder

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Model: A10

Name: GSM faraway remote Elderly Guarder



The A10 GSM Elderly Guarder is a very innovative concept of GSM Panic Alarm, GSM Emergency Call System and GSM Medical Alarm System for Senior/Elderly Safety care.

“I can call my Son by just press the Familiarity Number button when I feel bad and something happen!


“I can know my mother health condition by the GSM Elderly Guarder, when she hasn’t gone out her room or hasn’t gone to Dining Room or Cooking Room or Washing Room, the system will alert me by SMS in time, so I needn’t worry about my mother is ill and cannot get up every day, so I can try my best to work”


“My mother is alone in another city, but she can call me by press the Familiarity Numberbutton to call me or her friends. Also I can call in then to speak to her.”


“Helping me live independently at home and needn’t worry about asking for help!”


“No need to worry about my father forgot to take medicine on time, the GSM Elderly Guarder will alert him on schedule.”


The GSM Elderly Guarder A10 is an innovative and very useful product in the worldwide. We’re based on the background of many elderly people living alone to design it. This is the first product special for safeguard and medical and including spiritual care for the elderly in the worldwide. It can be used for monitoring aid, elderly person and all the emergency help through GSM Network with our innovative concepts.

Mainly Features and Functions of the GSM Elderly Guarder:

Ø  Big Red Panic Button or Waterproof Worn Panic Button To Ask For Emergency Help

When the aid, elderly, children and disabled need help, they can press the Big Red Button, or press Waterproof Worn Panic Button or any other Wireless Panic Button, the GSM Elderly Guarder will automatic send SMS Alert to 3 Cell phone numbers and dial 5 assigned numbers then automatically create two way voice communications.

Ø  4 Wireless Watchdog Zones To Monitoring Activities Of Daily Living

The GSM Elderly Guarder with 4 wireless watchdog zones, it is very useful to monitoring the elderly or aid has pass through special space in the pre-set time, because of normally a person should pass through these places. E.g.: Went out the bedroom, went to the kitchen, went to the dining room, and went to the washing room.

Ø  3 Wireless 24Hours Zones To Monitoring Living Environment

The GSM Elderly Guarder supports 3 wireless 24Hours Zones, special for smoke detector, gas leakage detector and water leakage detectors.

Ø  4 Timers For Reminding Elderly To Take Medicine On Time

The GSM Elderly Guarder accepts 4 timers, special for alerting the elderly to take the medicine on time or others.

Ø  Familiarity Numbers For Easy To Dial 3 Telephone Numbers

Familiarity Number is also a very useful function for Two-way voice communication, once press any one of the Familiarity Number button, the system will create two-way voice communication with the assigned number. So the elderly or disabled can speak to her familiarity easily. Also, the familiarity can call in to create the two-way voice communication automatically.

Ø  Large Capacity Rechargeable Backup Battery

The 900mAh large capacity rechargeable backup battery is useful to ensure it can work about 12hours after AC power is failure. Also when the AC power goes off, it will send a SMS to the Cell phone number.

Ø  Self-checking Function

The Self-checking function is very useful to ensure that the GSM Elderly Guarder is under good working condition.

Ø  Wireless Strobe Siren Warning Function(Optional)

The Wireless Strobe Siren Warning is very useful when alarm occurrence to warning.

Ø  User Friendly Configurations

The GSM Elderly Guarder accepts configuration by simply SMS commands and user friendly PC Configurator via USB port.

Specifications of the GSM Elderly Guarder:

Parameter Item

Reference Scope

DC Power supply

Standard adapter: DC9V/1A

GSM Frequency


SIM Card

Supporting 3V SIM Card

GSM Antenna

50 Ω SMA Antenna interface, internal

Wireless Frequency


Worn Panic Button Transmission Dist.

60meters in open air.

Wireless Detectors Transmission Dist.

100meters in open air

Acceptable Max. Worn Panic Button

3Pcs(If not use 24Hours zones then is 6Pcs)

Acceptable Max. Wireless Detectors

7Pcs(4 for watchdog zones, 3Pcs for 24Hours zones, if not use Worn Panic Button and Wireless Panic Button then is 6Pcs for 24Hours Zones )

Backup Battery

3.7V 900mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Temperature range

-20-+60 °C

Humidity range

Relative humidity 90% (condensation free)

Exterior dimension


Net Weight

300 g


Standard Package list of the GSM Elderly Guarder:


Control Panel X 1

Waterproof Worn Panic Button X1

USB Cable X1

AC to DC Adaptor X1 (3VDC/1A)

CD x1 (Including User Manual X 1, PC Configurator)


Optional Parts of the GSM Elderly Guarder:


Item No.



Wireless PIR Motion Detector for Watchdog Zones.


Wireless Smoke Detector for 24Hrs Zone monitoring smoke.


Wireless Gas Leakage Detector for 24Hrs Zone monitoring gas leakage.


Wireless Water Leakage Detector for 24Hrs Zone monitoring water leakage.


Waterproof Worn Panic Button


Wireless Panic Button


Wireless Siren for the model which support wireless siren.

Standard Package Box of the GSM Elderly Guarder: