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GSM SMS smart Mobile apk faraway remote controller Alarm Dialer

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GSM SMS smart Mobile apk faraway remote controller Alarm Dialer

A Ultra-Low Cost Multifunctional GSM Alarm Panel In The Worldwide!

Ultra-low cost GSM SMS Alarm?

Multifunctional programmable?

Away and back home neither remote control nor keypad operation?

Integrated to existence alarm panel or IP Camera?

Integrated to Access control & RFID Card Reader?

Supports Apple ios and Android apps?

Sending SMS Text Message to your once alarm occurrence?

Yes, the SafeBox S160 can do them!






Name: GSM SMS smart Mobile apk faraway remote controller Alarm Dialer

Model: S160

The SafeBox S160 is an Ultra Version of GSM SMS Alarm & Dialer, includes multi-functions and ultra-low cost and high reliability special for Residential areas, business area, commercial area, office, factory, industrial area and a variety of other applications. It integrated high performance GSM Module and MCU inside, and with innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands in the worldwide markets.

How Does the SafeBox Works?

The SafeBox supports a lots of wireless detectors and wired input for IP Camera or CCTV System or wired detectors or other alarm panel, once any detector or IP Camare or CCTV activated, e.g.: intruder breaking the windows to activate the windows detector or motion sensor. The detector will transmit wireless signal to the SafeBox, the SafeBox will send out programmed SMS Text message and auto dial to upto 6 users immediately. And the siren can setup to sound or not to warn.

Also, the user can call the SafeBox to listen on-site, or send SMS to let it call back. the user can program it to suitable modes, e.g.: away, stay, Spot, or disarm it to maintain. The user call to the SafeBox to change the away and stay mode with free charge. The SafeBox supports SMS Commands and wireless or wired or Access control system or RFID Card Reader to change the away, stay or disarm or SOS help or Panic or Emergency help.

Moreover, the S160 supports Android Apps and iOS apps iKeypad, though the Android and iKeypad, the user can quickly to Arm, Disarm, Inquiry Status and Switch ON or OFF Siren, armed or disarmed with free call, no need to program the SMS commands every time.



Why Are You Need the SafeBox?

The SafeBox is a ultra-low cost advanced programmable multifunctional GSM SMS Alarm & Dialer.

At present, the security is very important for everyone and every assets. Spent very little money to protect them and it is very convenient to operate, why are you not choose it?

If you have installed traditional alarm system, contact the existence alarm panel output to the SafeBox, it can be upgraded to GSM Alarm, alert you what happening by SMS text message.

If you have installed IP Camera or CCTV system, there’re no any alert to you while you’re not around the spot. Contact the outputs to the SafeBox, it can alert you immediately by SMS Text message.

If you have house or store, no need any additional remote control, when you come back home, only need to make a call to the SafeBox, the SafeBox will reject it and change the mode from Away to Stay mode, when you leave home, only need to call it again and the SafeBox will change to Away mode. Free charge and very convenient.

If you have an office or factory that installed the Access control system or RFID Card Reader, contact the open door signal to the SafeBox, once anybody  enter, the SafeBox will change to Stay mode, no need any other operations. And when they away, can push a door open button to change the SafeBox to away mode directly. Or call it to change directly.

Functions & Features of the SafeBox:

Ø  GSM Frequency: 900/1800Mhz or 850/1900Mhz;

Ø  Supports Away Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay),Spot or Disarmed by Remote Control, Wireless Buttons, Wired Buttons, SMS Commands, Call in with free charge;

Ø  Supports Android Apps and iPhone iOS apps, quickly to Arm, Disarm, Inquiry Status, Switch ON or OFF Siren, Call in to arm/disarmed , Call in to listen in;

Ø  Supports 6 User Numbers, each number can be setup as receive SMS or receive call or both of them, also, each number can be setup authorized to call in to listen or call in to arm or stay the system;

Ø  Supports listen on-site through internal sensitive microphone and call back;

Ø  Automatically send SMS Alert Alarm Message and dial to the pre-set numbers when alarm occurrence;

Ø  Learning code, more safe and easy to add new wireless remote keys and wireless detectors;

Ø  Supports 16 Wireless Zones, can accept one learning code wireless detector in each zone, and accept unlimited PT2262/2272 fixed code wireless detectors in each zone;

Ø  Supports 1 wired zones(Dry Contact Type), the input can be Normal Close(NC), Normal Open(NO), special for IP Camera and CCTV System or other wired sensor connection;

Ø  Supports verity programmable zone attributes, includes Away(normal), At House or Stay, Entrance Zone, 24 Hours Sound Zone, 24 Hours Silent Zone, Local Zone(Spot), SOS Zone, Door Bell Zone;

Ø  The Zone Name of each zone is programmable by user through SMS Commands;

Ø  Supports 3 Remote Keys, each Remote Key includes one SOS Panic Button for emergency condition to ask for help;

Ø  Supports Armed delay to give enough time to leave the home, the delay time is programmable by user;

Ø  Supports Alarm Delay to give enough time to Disarm it when you come back home, the delay time is programmable by user;

Ø  Equips one siren output for sounding while alarm occurrence to warn;

Ø  Supports to setup how long to send SMS message to users after the external AC power goes off/on;

Ø  Standby internal large capacity rechargeable battery which can standby upto 8 hours after AC Power failure, also can provide power to wired siren after AC power failure;

Ø  Supports report its status periodic by preset interval time;

Ø  Supports Password to increase the security of the whole system;

Ø  Based on the GSM communication network and Operation Menu Display technology, apply to wide range situations.

Specifications of Mainframe of the SafeBox:

Rated Voltage:  12VDC2A

Standby current: 30-35mA

Siren Output Voltage: 9VDC

Working temperature:  -10℃~+60℃

Storage temperature:  -20℃~+60℃

Relative humidity:     10-90%, No condensation

GSM frequency:      900/1800Mhz(Default) or 850/1900MHz(Optional)

Communication protocol:   GSM PHASE 2/2+ (include data service)

Wireless Zone: 16 (Accept Max.16Pcs Learning Code Detectors, Unlimited of fixed code Detectors)

Wired Zones: 1, Dry Contact, NC, NO .

Wired Port: 2,  For RFID Reader or wired Switch to Arm,Disarm, Stay;

Remote key permission quantity:      3Pcs

Effective distance wireless of remote control: 100 m in open air.

Backup Battery: 900mAH Rechargeable lithium battery

Standby time Approx. 8 hours (depending on the network condition)

Dimensions: 150mmX92.6mmX30mm (WXDXH);

Net Weight: approx. 0.50Kg


FAQ of the SafeBox S160

Where can I download the User Manual and Andriod Apps?

The user manual and the Android apps can be download at our website download part, please click


Can I use the SafeBox to existence security applications?

Yes, of course, the SafeBox can be used in listen onsite. Can be used as a GSM Dialer and SMS Transmitter for CCTV System, IP Camera, other alarm panel which includes alarm output signals.


What is the Standard Package list of the SafeBox:

The standard package includes below items:

Control Unit X1, Regulated 12VDC Power Supply X1, Wireless Door Contact X1

User Manual + Android Apps in CD X1, the ios app iKeypad please download from Apple Store. You can plus additional wireless or wired detectors according to your requirements. The other accessories please see GSM Alarm accessories.


How can I set up the SafeBox:

It’s very easy to set up the SafeBox, insert the simcard to the SafeBox, then power on it, after the initializtion, then you can send SMS text commands to set the SafeBox.

Does the SafeBox work with any sensor?

The SafeBox can work with any dry contact wired detector, for wireless detector, it can work with almost all of the wireless sensors from Chinese manufactuers, the wireless encode and decode is PT2262/2272 or our wireless sensors.

Does the SafeBox cost me anything while leave or come back home?

No call charges. the SafeBox will reject the call from authorized number then carrys out the AWAY or STAY action on the first 'ring', because of the SafeBox will not answer the call, there’re no communication cost.

How can I setup a number to receive only SMS or only Call or both of them when alarm occurrence?

The SafeBox can save 6 telephone numbers in its memory and not on the SIM. This prevents somebody from removing the SIM to copy all the numbers into a mobile phone.  And it accepts to setup each number to receive only SMS alert or only call or both of them when alarm occurrence by functional code in the SMS Command.

How can I setup a number to dial in to change the AWAY and STAY Mode, and dial in to listen onsite, and forbidden to access the SafeBox?

The SafeBox supports the user to setup different rights for different number to access it. You can choose the correct function code in the SMS Command to setup them.


How can I setup when alarm occurrence neither send out SMS nor dial out while I am at home but warned me by siren sound?

The SafeBox supports verity zone attributes, if you want to setup only alerted by siren sound while you at home, can setup the zone as Spot.


Can I know who operated the SafeBox through SMS Command or dail in?

Yes, you can enable this function. When somebody operated the SafeBox, will forward the SMS to notify you.

What else do I need besides SafeBox?

You need only a valid SIM card.


Is the SafeBox difficult to install it?

Following the user manual, Installing SafeBox is simple for anybody with enough technical skills.

What is the warranty and delivery time?

Warranty is 1 year. Delivery is within 1~15 days from order.


What is the Payment term?

We can accept bank transfer and western union