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RF smart Wireless control keypad

RF smart Wireless control keypad\Model:101

1. The wireless control keypad is specially designed for arm/disarm the alarm host with password authentication, which can be installed at the gates.
2. It adopts DIP switch encode mode, very easy to encode with the alarm host. EV1527 learning encode mode for option (the alarm host with learning code)
3. With two passwords.
Administration password: can modify the setting information, arm/disarm, programming the alarm number,    modifying the password of sub-password, etc
4. Sub-password.: Only for arm/disarm
5. With rechargeable standby battery, can keep working 6 months.
6. With LED backlight, it can operate even at night or in dark place.
7. With tamper switch, avoiding vandalism.
8. Automatically enter low-power consumption mode when no any operation.
Technical parameter
Wireless transmitting: 433MHZ/315MHZ for optional,
Transmitting distance: over 200 meters (in the open area)
It adopts 2262 fixed encode chip, so the transmission encode data of arm/disarm can be programmed to modify. It’s suitable for all the alarm hosts with fixed code.
Size: 117mm x 117mm x 21mm
Configuration: Wireless control keypad x 1, power adapter (12V/1A) x 1